About The Author

I graduated from Arizona State University in 1997 at the age of 50.  My emphasis of studies included education curriculum, European studies and the evolution of feminism.

After graduating from Arizona State University, I attended creative writing classes at Chandler Gilbert Community College.  These classes encompassed short story, fiction, nonfiction, poetry and historical event writings.  These foundations diversified my passion to use historical and emotional events that would give the reader an opportunity to consume knowledge.

I have always been a storyteller.  As a child, I was not a person who read many books.  However, I spent a great amount of time exploring the environment around me. I would listen to the stories my neighbors told me about World War II.  I watched documentaries.  I was sixteen years of age when the Viet Nam War evolved.  So many of my friends were drafted and I found myself watching news programs about the war.  My age of innocence was challenged.

I have traveled through the countries of Mexico, Germany, Italy, Austria, France, Portugal, England, Ireland and Scotland. Each country has its own history and culture.  My history passion expanded when I studied the backgrounds of each of these countries.

I enjoy writing.  It gives me an opportunity to share my experiences with others.  The thousands of photos I have taken allows me to view the reality of the world.  These photos become a story.

As I explored the world, I realized that when I interviewed or met people, everyone just wanted to be able to live in peace, raise their families and enjoy the wonders and explorations of life.